Nombre del Hotel:


Nombre del Puesto:

General Manager Aguas Calientes

Misión del Puesto:



Funciones Principales:

  • Actively participate in the recruitment of all location staff.
  • Support all pre-opening activities, including overseeing the pre-opening training.
  • Work closely with site managers and pre opening team managing property checklist and ensuring timely completion of tasks.
  • Manage and mentor the managers in the location, train them and provide consistent feedback, guidance and support.
  • Responsible for the monthly inventory ( assets of the Location).
  • Follow all the protocols established in the Operations book. Be vocal in proposing improvements to our processes, search for solutions and have an innovative approach to running the business profitably.
  • Monitor expenses and efficiency in all departments, especially labor and food cost.
  • Personally approve any and all expenses and payments to be done for and by the location (from at-site expenses, to monthly payroll).
  • Manage the location cash with highest standards of responsibility
  • Maintain a healthy and happy relationships with other businesses and neighbors in the area.
  • Manage the entire staff of the location and handle interior Human Resource issues with support from the location HR and Accounting Supervisor or the Country HR generalist.
  • Ensures compliance of all managers with goal-oriented job descriptions and reviews goals with each individual.
  • Keep the location running and operating at all times to the highest standards and according to the company brand and values
  • Maintain a happy, responsible and hard working team.
  • Manage and execute all the events in the locations, making sure there is enough stock and good service for the customers.
  • Monitor schedules of all departments and ensure labor efficiency
  • Supervise maintenance and cleanliness of the property.
  • Ensure safety and safe use of all facilities in the location both by employees and of the clients
  • Develop and implement annual budgets and business plans
  • Influence and Support the sales, marketing and revenue management efforts of the property to maximize revenue.
  • Manages FF&E Reserve and/or follows Capital request process to perform capital maintenance and repair projects as needed.
  • Monitors review pro, responds appropriately, executes action plans to correct issues.
  • Plays active role in community through affiliation with community organizations to promote and maintain positive image for the property and brand
  • Be commercially savvy in exploring new revenue streams


Experiencia y Conocimientos:

  • Bilingual: English and the native language of the country of location
  • Minimum 2 years experience in a management position (especially team management)
  • Experience in management F&B business
  • Experience in the hospitality business
  • Good ability with numbers
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills
  • Cultural fit


Aguas Calientes

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